Helios Space Map.png

Studio space

We have a few options available for individuals, groups or communities to rent space from us. Each space has a 120V circuit.


  1. Single bench:

    • 20-25 sq ft.

    • 150$ per month

    • One 24/7 pass to Helios

  2. Small spaces:

    • 60 sq ft.

    • 300$ per month

    • One 24/7 pass to Helios

  3. Large spaces:

    • Can be a combination of small spaces, or up to 350 square feet.

    • Rates are between 3-4$ per sq ft, and will include multiple passes to Helios.

Space arrangements and pricing are negotiable, and we love to support communities that are happy to share their tools/resources/expertise with the Helios community.

All 24/7 Helios passes are provided only after approval from the Helios Council and volunteers. A probation period may be necessary.

You can start by completing this Google Form to tell us a bit more about yourself.