Updated Sept 13, 2018

A new person appears

Go back to and follow the buttons to process payments.

Here are the steps to do to process a new member or a guest:


1) Sign Waiver Form

Make the new member sign this and give them their waiver copy (last page)


Waiver form

If a new member or guess comes at Helios, you must make them sign the waiver form, and, in the language they prefer.

2) Process Payment

We strongly encourange people to become recurring members which is why the price is lower.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 18.02.00.png

Cash or credit

We don’t have debit card capabilities yet.

NOTE - Payment types

(a) cash payment: Process with Square on tablet. Put the cash in the petty cash box.
(!) Receipts can be sent by email via the Square Register app.

3) Add to MSYS

Click the MSYS link bellow and log-in then create a new member or a new guest and fill out the info on the waiver form.


Add the member or guest

If you don’t have your login or forgot your pass, email council:


More info (page in construction)