Space and Equipment

We aim to provide the space and tools to the community to materialize almost any idea. Our goal is to provide access to as many tools as possible.

Helios has over 5,000 square feet of space available for hosting its equipment, work areas, desk space and storage for members' projects.




We have a wide variety of wood working tools and a large open workshop making almost any construction project a breeze. Our equipment includes:

  • Table saw*

  • Scroll saw

  • Band Saw*

  • Miter Saw*

  • Belt Sander

  • Drum Sander

  • Thickness Sander

  • Orbital Sander

  • Drill Press

  • Planer

  • Router

  • Jig Saw

  • Drill

  • Circular Saw

  • Metal Lathe*

  • Wood Lathe*

  • CNC*

*Please note that usage of tools marked with an asterisk may be restricted and /or require some Helios Makerspace's training beforehand. See our team on site for assistance and check the how to use videos here.

We unfortunately cannot provide materials on-site however we keep some scrap material in the workshop and have a hardware store a five minute drive away from where we are located.

Rapid Prototyping

Helios provides access to a 3D printer for rapid prototyping or just learning about the technology. Our printer is the following:

  • MakerGear M2 Dim: 8"x10"x8" w/ heatbed

We have the expertise onsite to go from knowing nothing about 3D printing to making your first print all in your first visit.

We charge our members an hourly rate of 5$/hour to use the 3D printer which includes consumable materials.



Laser Cutting - Red Sail X700

Helios has a laser cutter with a 50cm x 30cm working area capable of cutting wood and acrylic sheets. We provide the training needed to get you started on your first visit.

  • Cutting Bay: 50cm x 30cm

  • Materials: Acrylic (1/8") or wood (3/16")*

  • Some training and instruction is mandatory prior to using the laser cutter.

* For other materials, please check with our team onsite.  You must supply your own materials.


Metal Work (Welding)

We have a 120V MIG Welder which can weld a maximum material thickness of 1/16". We also have a metal lathe available and other tools for working with metal.

We are currently working towards expanding our capacity for welding and metal work. Please contact us if you have suggestions, questions or can offer support.


We are equipped with an electronics work area with:

  • Oscilloscope 50 MHz

  • Function Generator

  • Soldering Irons

  • Power Supply 30V 10A

  • Atmel AVR MK2

  • PIC Programmer

  • Arduino UNO

  • Breadboards

  • Various components for starters

We also keep a variety of prototyping equipment available for use onsite to help jump start ideas.


In our sewing space, we have a range of light weight and heavy duty sewing machines, as well as everything you need for hand sewing and knitting.


We have shelves and storage space available for members:

  • Small shelf (2ft x 2ft) | 15$ per month

  • Large shelf (4ft x 2ft) | 25$ per month

  • Storage for long objects (boards, pipes, etc.) | Pricing TBD

We also have larger studio spaces available for rent. You can contact us directly about renting studio space for your group, project or company.