Jr. Helios


About Jr. Helios

Jr. Helios is about giving kids an introduction to woodworking. We are trying to make it safe for older children to work on little projects for themselves or for their community. We have plans to do some little projects where they will get to bring home their final product, but we are also thinking about participating in a craft-fair of some sort to raise money for some sort of cause...

The kid kids will learn:

  • The basic safety of a workshop,

  • How to use the tools at their disposal and how the tool may help in future projects,

  • It will let their creativity spark with new ideas popping in their heads by learning something new each time!

  • Most of all, it may inspire them to have a future with woodworking and become a carpenter with experience from their young ages...

Jr. Helios is a project led by young makers too. It is supported by the Helios team of volunteers to make sure everything is safe and well-organized, but most of the work is done by the kids themselves.


About The Next Event

Pen Turning Class for ages 12 to 15, September 16

This is an introduction to wood turning where participants will come away with their very own hand carved pen! You'll learn the basics steps in in wood turning, including: wood prep, installing your project on the lathe, how to use different carving chisels, measuring, intuitive carving on the lathe; and sanding and polishing.

Trevor Klym has been making pens for about a year. He has made and sold close to 50 pens as well as other woodworking projects, like bowls, goblets and derby racing cars. He is 13 years old and looking to build his leadership skills, have fun and make new friends.

Parents can contact Helios directly with any questions at info@heliosmakerspace.ca