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Join our community

Members can access to the workshop during our open hours.

Membership fees are:

30$ Day Pass paid at Helios when you arrive (no guest privileges)

50$ per month for a regular membership

40$ per month for student membership

275$ for a 6-month membership

This includes access to all of Helios' tools, equipment and use of scrap materials. Members may also bring in one guest. Members are expected to bring in their own materials, and some members like to bring in their own tools too. In the shop, volunteers are there to help members work on their projects, and they can help direct their questions to other volunteers who specialize in certain areas.

How we work together

Volunteers are also there to help keep things safe in the space. Sometimes, that means asking members to do certain cuts more safely, which often helps improve the quality of your project too. Other times, that could also mean asking members to come back at a different time, in case there are more advanced techniques that need more expertise.

These rates currently apply for recurring payments by credit card only. After registering, members are asked to e-mail info@heliosmakerspace.ca to make cancellations.